We specialise in customer focus and compliance of fire systems installed nationally.

Brisbane’s trusted fire protection specialist


Protective Fire Solutions are leading specialists in fire system equipment in Brisbane with services including:

  • Independent certification for hydrant systems, hose reel systems, fire pumps, fire sprinkler systems, fire detection and warning systems,
  • Building audits for hydrant systems, hose reel systems, fire pumps, fire sprinklers, fire detection and warning systems
  • Flow testing and issuing of Form 71 and Form 72
  • Fire system infrastructure upgrades from initial design right through to installation and certification
  • Fire hydrant boost testing
  • Fire system maintenance for all aspects
  • Fire system design and consultancy

Fire Hose Reel Systems

We ensure installation, maintenance and replacement of fire hose reels is performed correctly.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Whether it’s a residential building, warehouse or office tower, we can tailor your sprinkler system to your needs.

Fire Detection & Alarms

We’re able to supply & install early warning fire alarm systems in conventional or addressable type panels.

Fire Extinguishers

We carry out tests and refill services for all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.

Fire Hydrant Systems

We specialise in the installation, maintenance and repairs of fire hydrants in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Fire Suppression Systems

We install and commission a range of commercial fire suppression systems to help protect your people, property and assets.

fire hydrant booster pressure testing in brisbane queensland

Fire Hydrant Boost Testing

We can conduct routine hydrant boost and flow testing to issue form 71 and form 72.

fire system design and consultation

Fire System Design & Consultancy

Protective Fire Solutions can design a level of fire protection and compliance with Australian Standards.

fire maintenance and inspection testing brisbane

Fire System Maintenance

Protective Fire Solutions are specialists in the safety provisions and maintenance for all aspects of fire equipment.

Protect against fire.